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Fire Service and Civil defense (FSCD) is mandated to be the first respondent in all natural and man-made disasters and remain alert round the clock to fight against fire and come out surface rescue operation under the fire prevention and extinction act 2003 and civil defense act 1952. FSCD is a service oriented national organization under the ministry of home affairs to address all natural and man-made disasters. FSCD is mandated the following activities:

  1. To fight against fire (manmade and natural).
  2. To carry out rescue operation in road, rail and riverine accidents.
  3. To provide pre hospital treatment of the victims.
  4. To impart training on fire fighting, rescue, first aid and safety related issues for govt. and non govt. organizations.
  5. To conduct search and rescue operation from collapsed structure.
  6. To develop volunteers by imparting training and providing light equipment.
  7. To conduct simulation drills for the awareness of the peoples.

FSCD is also mandated to share experiences and collaboration with other countries and National, International NGOs to face any disaster jointly. In the part of said mandate FSCD has engaged for developing 62000 urban community volunteers as per the plan of government in collaboration with national, international NGOs.