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Fire Service and Civil defence Directorate pleased to express that Bangladesh being a disaster prone country is facing disaster risks in urban setting largely due to the unplanned rapid urbanization, fast growing and dense population, and capacity gaps in urban governance. In addition to the present danger the seismic hazard in some parts of the country, the city living-related hazards such as water logging, Fire hazards, Chemical hazards and building collapse disasters are also occurring from time to time.

The infamous Rana plaza disaster inflicted high number of deaths and injuries as well as lost livelihood of workers’ families. Business community and indeed Bangladesh nation experience monetary losses and eroded credibility. Addressing these issues, government, garment industry and international buyers converge under the national tripartite plan of action on building and fire safety in RMG sector in Bangladesh.

As features of urban risks are changing every day, owing to change of climate induce activities, there is a need for continuous analysis and research to help the professionals updated. Besides, as the fire fighting and life-saving discipline in the world has evolved into professional accountable practice, Bangladesh also requires in the formation and constant replenishment of qualified and competent trained professionals in the tertiary level education.

The knowledge formation through research, dissemination through academic teaching, learning and competence certification could only be achieved in sustained manned by the establishment of an institute. In this regard, FSCD plan to establish Fire Research & Training Institute that will offer courses such as: Post Graduate Diploma in Fire Technology & Occupational Safety, Master in Fire science & public safety. Such type of Diploma and Masters in Fire Science and Public Safety courses will create opportunity to strengthen capacity on safety issues for the FSCD professional as well as other concern personnel related to Fire Safety.